by Crazy Arm



released December 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Crazy Arm UK

Est 2006. A spirited mess of punk, folk-roots, '60s protest and classic rock. Three albums on Xtra Mile: 'Born To Ruin' ('Stunning' Kerrang), 'Union City Breath' ('A triumph' Punktastic) and 'The Southern Wild' ('Glorious surprise' R2). Many UK/Euro tours/fests with Against Me!, Frank Turner, Restorations, Chuck Ragan, Muncie Girls, Murder By Death... New album, 'Dark Hands, Thunderbolts' out 2017 ... more

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Track Name: Ambertown
The days roll in to silent nights
Feel like sand worn by the shore
Broken down by years of thinking far too much

The rain falls down on Ambertown
All my bones are fragile and sore
All the men want to even the score
But not, tonight the voices rise and fall
Caught on winds of fire and pride
But I’d rather stay inside
Misfortune favours the brave
And they will take you down that way

In faith and hope and charity
We hit and run and crash and burn again
Out of wreckages we crawl without
Concern or pity for our fellow man
And the women watch in despair at what we've done

The lights go down on Ambertown
Doesn't mean there’s nothing going on
Some people only can do wrong
No chance, to speak of hope and talk of love
Universal symmetry
The things that mean so much to me
Don’t seem to mean that much to you
I guess that’s why I’m writing songs
And why we’re through

So tell me which way do I turn
Into the light and burn my eyes
Or to the dark where danger lies
And thoughts run wild
And I will take you down with me

Living in Ambertown
Dying in Ambertown
Best you don't hang around
'cos I will bring you down with me pretty girl
Track Name: Sweet Storm
One lonely lifetime you’re down on your fortunes
And sleeping your success away
Driving your car to the edge of the valley
Hoping for truth from up high
Lost in the forest and searching for clearings
There’s peace in these layers of love
But I sit and stare from the warmest of corners
Frightened to make or to move

Let’s never come back again
It won’t e’er be the same
Let’s not cross this bridge again
'Cept to come on back home

One billion people have entered this century
Unable to sign their names
We’re busy writing ourselves into trouble
Or signing away what we claim
Burning our bridges and shunning the embrace
We learn to destroy what we love
The quick and the dead and the fire in your head
All this yearning is never enough

This sweet, sweet storm
Will touch you like no other
But brother be prepared
For this sweet, sweet storm
Will strip you of your reason
No matter who else is there
Cold, black rain
Will touch you like no other
But sister be aware
For this sweet, sweet storm
Won’t take no for an answer
No matter what you desire

Let’s never come back again
It won’t e’er be the same
Let’s not cross this bridge again
'Cept to come on back home
I’m throwing my cards to the wind
To see where they fall
Despite all the torment
I know that I’ll out-live them all