The Southern Wild

by Crazy Arm

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    Our third album, and first acoustic one.
    Released September 2013. Eleven songs.

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released September 23, 2013



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Crazy Arm UK

Est 2006. A spirited mess of punk, folk-roots, '60s protest and classic rock. Three albums on Xtra Mile: 'Born To Ruin' ('Stunning' Kerrang), 'Union City Breath' ('A triumph' Punktastic) and 'The Southern Wild' ('Glorious surprise' R2). Many UK/Euro tours/fests with Against Me!, Frank Turner, Restorations, Chuck Ragan, Muncie Girls, Murder By Death... New album, 'Dark Hands, Thunderbolts' out 2017 ... more

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Track Name: Oh Death / Hell To Pay
Oh death, oh death
Won't you spare me over ‘til another year
Well what is this that I can't see
With ice cold hands takin' hold of me
Well I am death, none can excel
I'll open the door to heaven or hell

I never heard the whipcrack
I only felt the pain
Across the lonesome heartland
My sisters they felt the same
So let it rain

Well I know as well as I know
I'm going to hell girl
And I know as well as I know
You're coming as well
Please don't pray for a sinner like me

Lay me down tonight Lord
Tomorrow I am gone
They hang me in the morning
For running outside the law
Track Name: Remembrance
Singing the old songs again
Frightened yet full of compassion
We’re singing our plainsongs again
History played in slow motion

This is the day of remembrance
This is the day when our choices are laid out
For all to see

Lost in a maze of contrition
Caught in a storm
Break out the rations
Batten down the hatches
Send in the shock troops
Send in the lawmen

There is a war but only one side
Has all the power, has all the motive
To rise and conquer
There is a war but only one side
Has all the anger, has all the people
With nothing left to lose

This is the day of remembrance
There is a war
Fought from the inside
Rained down on all sides
We’re left on the outside
Bloodied and bewildered
The seasons will come back round again

This is the day of remembrance
This is the day when our bones break no more
Track Name: Don't Be Cruel
Well I ain't heard nothing
That I’ve never heard before
But it doesn't really matter to me
For all that I want from
The words that I love
Is a warm place to lay down and grieve

Prayers will go unanswered
Love will flounder in the field
But it doesn't really matter to me
All your proclamations
Count for nothing when you yield
And it doesn't really matter to me

Come see the beauty at work
In this hate-ridden world
Down we go, way down low
Come see the courtesy shown
To the faces unknown
Love lies deeper than you know
Down we go, way down low

Lay it on the line
We've been here before
We won't come back for more

I will always question
What it is to be a man
To belong, to be wrong and to believe
I will always search for
What I need to understand
And a warm place to lay down and grieve
A warm bed to lay down and grieve
Track Name: Fossils
Take your time little man
I won’t be back here for a while
I’m doing the best that I can
To be truthful like a child
The sun shines pure as gold
As the old men wither and die
I’m in trouble if truth be told
There’s still fossils in this soul of mine

Oh please, don’t shut me out
I can still learn
To not scream and shout
And I can still cry
If only once in a while
And I can reclaim
All of these memes
From all of these genes
Oh, don’t come back

Take a break holy man
I won’t kneel if I can stand
I’m doing the best that I can
To play the better hand
The rain falls hard and fast
The old ways sail on by
I’m in tears but it won’t last
There’s still fossils
In this soul of mine
Track Name: County Jaws
We had it hard in days gone by
And now it comes as no surprise
That the plight of working people still
Demands that we should bend at will
To the liars one and liars all
There's no inquiry to put an end
To the cops, the courts, the county jaws
The gentle death of losing
All hope and dignity

Places we have never been
And places we could never see
Are the reason to keep moving on
Until the day we find consistency
Lead me to the Devon vales
Or follow me to Appalachia
Thirty days of thirty nights
The gentle life of losing
All pride and purity

Link arms and remember me
Link arms and hold tight
We'll be back another day
We'll need help another day

People we have never been
And people we could never know
Are the reason to keep moving on
Until the day we find community
Here's a sword to plow the field
And here's an unjust law to repeal
We'll sit and wait or sleep a while
'Til all the doubters catch their
Breath and concede
Track Name: Roasting River
Gather up the flags and burn them all
Gather up the words that make us small
Gather up the thoughts that keep us down
Gather up the hate and make a sound

I'm walking down that lonesome road
Where all my friends have grown so old
There are no reasons to give in
There are no passions to hold in

Let that which does not matter truly slide
That's what she said the day she died
There is so much work left to do
There is too much red lost to blue

There's only one chance so get it right
Between the jet black sea and the violent night
I've been known to take a side
But that don't mean I'm always right
Track Name: A Pocketful Of Gold
Born with nothing but your mama’s blue eyes
And your daddy’s mood-swings that you always despised
No-one could tell how you’d pass through the years
But you’re wise and you’re kind, you’re brave and you’re here
It takes but a minute to know what you want
It may take a lifetime to know who you are
The secret is reading all the right words
And learning to live with the cracks and the scars

So you made it out alive
Now you can hold your head up high
Yeah you made it out alive
Now you can walk the streets with pride
Don’t need a pocketful of gold to take the open road
Don’t need a pocketful of gold
To win somebody’s heart and somebody’s soul

Fighting the fascists, the priests and the cops
Fighting and fighting, the fight never stops
But no-one can see when you hang up your gloves
That all of your fighting is driven by love
And you’re loving your lovers, your songs and your friends
Loving and loving, the love never ends
But no-one can see in the fullness of light
That all of your loving is part of the fight

The drinking might kill you, the thinking might too
The loneliness cuts like a cold wind in June
They don’t give a fuck if we’re down on our luck
And that’s why I’m proud to be born to ruin
Living and dying it’s all the same deal
But your mama’s blue eyes keep turning the wheel
And daddy’s mood-swings will pass through the years
On the carousel of time, through the blood, sweat and tears
Track Name: We Don't Go There Any More
The day has only just begun
And I'm feeling so tired
I take my orders from the sun
It decrees my desires
I don't care where I fall
When the wind shakes on my window
I'm happy doing nothing at all

The war has only just begun
But my last shot has been fired
I'll never fight for anyone
Not my style to kneel before the empire
With a blindfold where
There should be a cause
Not my place to sit here in judgement
So I'm waiting for that empire to fall

Fly the flag and rise to shine
Break the rules and bring them home to burn
Sing in time or stay behind
I will always use the things I learn
To be smart and I learn to be small

The night has only just drawn in
And I'm feeling so cold
I get my orders from within
But I never seem to do what I am told
And I don't care where I go
When the wind blows right through me
I'm happy walking fast or running slow

The steepest hills make for the greatest views
You got to feel the pain to sing the blues
The fear of death is hanging in my room
I'll sit and wait with open arms for you
Track Name: The Valley Of Weeping
Keep one eye open tonight
In the valley of the damned
Wave upon wave of control
All the continents aligned

Down in the dirt with the truth
But up from the valley of weeping
Tied to the long road ahead
But free from the valley of weeping

Light bear upon thine souls
Blessed be thy name
We can't forget or forgive
Wretched be thy fate

Take me down
To that shameful ground
And make me kneel before thee
No fear I that could cause to die
All the outcasts who deplore thee

Keep one eye open tonight
There's a murder in our midst
We could forget or forgive
If we could only reminisce

Down in the dirt with the truth
But up from the valley of weeping
Tied to the long road ahead
But free from the valley of weeping
Track Name: Black Canyon
Not about to lose control
We knew it all along
Scared by what we know
And scared to be alone
And I wonder where you are
And I wonder who you are
Yeah I wonder who you are

I want all the noise to stop
So I can only think good thoughts
Pressed into my hand a loaded gun
Pressed into my skull a ruby cross
I've slept longer than you've lived
But I'm willing to forgive
And I wonder who you are
Yeah I wonder who you are

Left to die under blackened skies
And left to be unforgiven
Jesus died but not for mine
The sins that go unmentioned
We will work and we will die
In servitude to all
And in the book of hours they'll write
There was nowhere left to fall

And I'm going to be strong
And I wonder where you are
And I wonder who you are